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Infertility and Reproduction

Turkey is ranked seventh in the world for tube babies. The tecneed hnology in this field has developed significantly in Turkey, which has made it occupy the status of the world advanced. He added that Turkey has a number of advanced piping centers, and we hope that everyone can benefit from this technology, as many factors, especially ignorance, prevent many of those who the technology of pipe children, to benefit from them.

Babies Tube

It was the first scientific victory recorded in history when IVF was successful in 1978 by a British woman who was born on July 28 in the city of Oldam with a caesarean section. This was the result of the first successful pipeline operation after Century of research and studies.

What do we mean by pipe process?

Is the fertilization of the egg sperm in the test tube after taking mature eggs from the ovaries to be placed with good sperm only after washing until fertilization. The fertilized egg (embryos) is then returned to the mother. This procedure takes two to five days. This method is given the best option for selecting the best embryos for delivery to the mother after fertilization. A larger area of ​​pregnancy is also given in one cycle because more than one fetus can be transferred to the uterus.

What are the reasons for children’s asylum pipes?

First: Women infertility:

Infertility caused by problems in the uterine tubes such as: blockage of the fallopian tube, which leads to difficulty or lack of inoculation within the body.

Second: male infertility:

The process of tubing is used in cases of weakness of sperm in men in terms of type and number.

Third: Genetic Diseases:

Pipelines are used in cases of genetic genetic diseases to exclude embryos with genetic defects. This is called genetic testing before planting.

What are the situations that require the use of pipe technology?

First: Women who suffer from:

1. Provide age.

2. Rupture of the uterine tubes for any cause of blockage or removal due to pregnancy, migraine, infections, fluid collection or for the purpose of contraception.

3. Traumatic uterine lining disease.

Second: Sterility of men resulting from:

1. Few animals.

2. Movement weakness and high deformity rate.

3. Men who are born with antibodies to the sperm.

Thirdly, the unknown reasons are from women or men.

After this introduction we divide the content into three sections

Steps of treatment in the way of the children of the tubes


 Frequently asked questions in the process of tube children