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Physical and Psychological Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

The field of rehabilitation is the core of the physiotherapy profession. The goal of rehabilitation is to restore the person’s functional abilities and deliver maximum independence. Rehabilitation treatment is for people with various disabilities and limitations as a result of injury or illness and starts as far as possible after the event. Rehabilitation includes, most often:

  • Physical and functional assessment
  • Improved mobility and equipment fitting
  • Practice daily work, exercises and general activity
  • Instruct the therapist and his family to continue to practice independently and advise to maintain an active life.

Rehabilitation frameworks include: initial rehabilitation during hospital stay (public hospital accommodation), rehabilitation in special departments within public hospitals, rehabilitation centers and aging centers, day-to-day rehabilitation and rehabilitation in the community; In an institute for external therapists.

Areas of treatment and rehabilitation are common

Rehabilitation is for people of all ages who suffer from osteosarcoma, neurological, respiratory, cardiac and other diseases.


Psychotherapy is one of the best types of treatments that help to get rid of problems. By eliminating negative thoughts, the therapist uses several methods to improve the patient’s morale, improve his mental health, and find the right way to find out about the positive outlook and ideas that will change. Behavior and goals in a gradual manner to be constructive and in favor of the patient socially and psychologically.

There are many types that are divided into psychotherapy, the most important of which are:

Behavioral Psychotherapy: focuses on treating and changing patient behavior. Attention to the feelings of the patient. It is based on pushing the patient to join in many physical and social activities under the supervision of the therapist. The goal of this type of treatment is to push the patient to positive thinking about his life and the people around him.

Cognitive Therapy: focuses on treating the patient from psychological problems. In this type of therapy, the therapist focuses on substituting false beliefs that have become entrenched in the patient’s mind in a way that springs from within. The most important goal of cognitive therapy is to make the patient think positively about himself and remove the negative thoughts and abandon the guilt towards self, which leads to huge consequences.