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Organ Transplantation

Despite the advances in technology and leading technology currently available in most of the country, millions of patients who die each year because of the failure of some of their human organs still have several factors, including the deposition of toxic substances in the patient’s body or the cause of excessive drug use or hypertension Blood for diabetics.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in healthcare and provides the best medical facilities at reasonable prices. Healthcare and medical facilities in Turkey are proud to be the leading provider of transplant surgery in Europe, the Middle East and other chronic diseases.

Turkey offers various transplantation programs, such as kidney transplantation, liver transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, corneal transplantation, and others.

There are registered kidney transplant centers in 59 hospitals, liver transplant centers in 34 hospitals, and heart and lung transplant centers in 16 hospitals.

The success of the first arm and face transplant at Akdeniz Hospital in 2011 is conclusive proof of Turkey’s progress. This achievement was not only surprising to Turkish citizens, but echoed throughout the world. Liver and kidney transplants in Turkey are widely available and are carried out successfully in many medical centers in Istanbul. Liver, heart and kidney transplants are performed at various advanced medical centers, and pancreatic transplantation is finally performed. Organ transplantation in Turkey has become one of the most common surgeries in the medical world. It is an option to save the lives of patients with difficult to treat and hopeless diseases.

Medical research and modern technology have led to the success of organ transplants in many parts of the world. Turkey is one of the advanced countries specialized in transplants

Kidney transplantation – bone marrow transplantation – liver transplantation – heart transplantation in Turkey today is relatively safe surgery, and one of the reasons for its success and turnout is to achieve a better healthy life for the patient.

Organ transplantation can be done either through a live donor or a deceased donor. The kidneys, heart, liver and bone marrow are the most prevalent in the world. It is now effectively treated through organ transplant surgery. Kidney and liver transplantation can be done from a live donor. Another benefit of organ transplant abroad is the low treatment costs. Patients with renal failure need continuous dialysis, leading to an increase in the cost of treatment.

In addition to unspecified time waiting for transplants, organ transplants are one of the most expensive surgeries in the world and in Europe and the United States in particular. In recent years, we have seen progress in healthcare in many countries, which have succeeded in providing many options for organ transplants and at reasonable prices, such as Turkey

Hospitals contracted with:

The Hospital Transplantation Unit contracted by Health Laguna is one of the first private healthcare institutions accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Health of Turkey. Liver and kidney transplants are carried out in successfully accredited hospitals. These hospitals were established with the help of the local team ECRI, a nonprofit health services research organization and one of the world’s leading independent health care organizations affiliated with the American Association.

Medical Park for organ transplantation is also one of the specialized centers in Turkey and has a trained medical staff with a high level of expertise and expertise in organ transplant surgery. The Center provides a comprehensive program for transplantation surgery using the highest technology and scientific research to provide the highest success rate and improve the health of patients. The Medical Park Center has over 800 human organs each year. The hospital is one of the most advanced organ transplant centers in Europe and the Middle East for its success in achieving the highest success rates and the vast experience of physicians in the fields of transplantation, advanced technology and specialized. As part of the mission of the Medical Park Center to save more lives, the Center has performed 2,331 kidney, liver and pancreatic transplant operations so far. In 2008, the Center cultivated 68 members. 512 operations in 2009, 544 in 2010, 564 in 2011 and 643 in 2012. The success rate of organ transplants in Turkey is in line with medical standards in the United States of America.

Kidney transplantation

Liver transplantation

Bone marrow transplantation