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Cosmetic Surgery and Liposuction

About the State of Turkey and cosmetic operations

The field of plastic surgery in Turkey has developed significantly over the past decade. This comes in the context of the State’s efforts to revitalize the tourism sector in general and the medical tourism sector in particular. The State contributed to the promotion of this specialization through reducing taxes and providing many encouraging facilities To invest in it. Beauty centers in Turkey have reached a high level of progress and are now qualified to perform the most complex operations such as full face transplantation or stem cell transplantation. The various cosmetic operations are conducted using the latest surgical techniques known in this field.

Cities is famous for performing plastic surgery in Turkey

Beauty centers and clinics are located in various Turkish cities, but are more concentrated within the group of major cities which are attractive tourist destinations. The Turkish beauty centers are dependent on customers from other countries. Istanbul has the highest number of specialized medical centers in Turkey, followed by a host of major cities such as Antalya, Mersin and Ankara. Hence, Health Laguna has contracted with the best specialists in the cosmetic field and obtained American accreditation in order to provide Best for our customers:

The advantages of plastic surgery in Turkey

Turkey has recorded an unprecedented turnout in the world of plastic surgery due to the many advantages it offers to its customers, such as:

• Perform various surgeries based on newer and more sophisticated techniques

• Perform operations by a group of trained and experienced doctors

• Provide the highest levels of health care during the postoperative period

• The price of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is significantly lower than in other countries

• Turkish beauty hospitals offer the highest levels of comfort and luxury with a large number of facilities and additional services

• Turkish therapeutic institutions are subject to a strict regulatory system that ensures the activation of the health safety program

Average price of cosmetic surgery in Turkey

The costs of cosmetic surgery in Turkey vary from city to city and center to center. This is due in part to the level of the medical center and the reputation of the doctor supervising the operation, as well as the nature of the procedure itself, but in general the prices of cosmetic operations in Turkey are very low compared to the prices of the same procedures in countries Which offers quality medical services in Europe, the Middle East and the Middle East.

How to reach the best cosmetic doctors in Turkey

Turkey has a group of doctors with experience and competence, most of which received his studies and spent his training in the leading countries in the medical field and carry the certificate of the Board of America or the British and accredited by several international medical bodies.

It is possible to compare the doctors before the plastic surgery in Turkey by reviewing their career published in the electronic directory provided by various beauty centers, and the reputation of the beauty center and reputation in itself is one of the criteria for the selection of doctors so we are in the health of Laguna and we have the trouble to search to put you in the best And the best cosmetic surgeons in Turkey, hoping that our services will be to your satisfaction

The average price of cosmetic surgery in Turkey has not been affected by this huge technical development, making it an ideal choice for anyone wishing to perform one of the most advanced cosmetic surgeries in the following Turkish centers:


Facial beautification


Plasma injection